Use Jetpack plugin without connecting to wordpress.com

I always recommend my friends and clients to install and activate the Jetpack plugin on their wordpress websites, I think most of you’ve already used it as well.

While it’s really a hassle connecting to a wordpress.com account in order to use the Jetpack modules, especially for developers who are doing experiments with local testing.

Thanks […]

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How to make Facebook comment form responsive

If you are enabling comment on your website, you have many choices in terms of comment forms. It can be the default wordpress comment form, or Disqus.  Many others choose Facebook comment so the site looks like social and can keep the spam under control.

Facebook doesn’t provide a responsive(fluid) layout on their comment widget, […]

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How to create your own ViralNova like site on WordPress

WordPress is more of a CMS system than just a blogging platform. As I always said, wordpress can do anything. With so many plugins and themes out there, creating a niche specific site with wordpress is just several clicks away.

Come on, most if not all bloggers build websites for money, and passion. So today […]

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Useful SQL hacks on wordpress

1. Delete all unused tags

2. Delete all revisions

3. Change Site URL and home URL

4. Update post GUID

5. Update links in post content

6. Update user password

7. Update user username

8. Assign all posts from author A to B

9. Delete certain Post Meta

10. Export all emails from comments

11. Delete Pingbacks

12. Delete all spam comments


13. Disactive all activated […]

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No Follow WP Nav Menu Links

When I am developing a wordpre theme for a customer, he requested to nofollow all the nav menu links.

1) Usually I will encourage my users to use the menu settings to nofollow certain nav menu links, 2)but if you want to automatically nofollow all the links, you’ll have to work out a solution or […]

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Add Custom Fields to Category and other Taxonomies

In the development of ViralNova wordpress theme, I have to add a custom icon image for each category. I’ve tried the Category Images plugin but I want a more simple way so that I can use Font Awesome icons. We know by default Category only have 4 fields: Name, Slug, Parent, Description. If we […]

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Display Post Thumbnail Automatically and Smartly

Display the post thumbnail automatically. This function will retrieve the image url in this order: custom field of "ct_image", featured image, first image url found in the post content, a default image.

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Cache wp_nav_menu to speed up your wordpress blog

In general your menus cannot be updated frequently so it's a better idea to cache it by setting an expired period. To make this possible, let's welcome Transients API and pre_wp_nav_menu. Long story short, put following codes to your functions.php and you are done.

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Remove LI Elements From Output of wp_nav_menu

You can remove or change the <ul> container that you get by default with wp_nav_menu(codex) through parameters, but you can’t remove the <li> elements that wrap each menu item.

For example, what to do if this is the structure that we want?

This is the solutino how you can actually remove them:

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Display image directly from URL retrieved in comment content

Now and then, you’ll want to enable image in the comment of your wordpress blog. There are many ways to achieve this, like

directly enter a full html code


or use a third party plugin (e.g. comment images) to allow readers upload images to the media library.

For the html way, you are really frustrate your readers […]

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