WordPress is more of a CMS system than just a blogging platform. As I always said, wordpress can do anything. With so many plugins and themes out there, creating a niche specific site with wordpress is just several clicks away.

Come on, most if not all bloggers build websites for money, and passion. So today I will show you a new way to make money using wordpress. The title of this post speaks for itself.

ViralNova Concept

In case you haven’t heard of viralnova, it’s one of the most popular buzz on the internet. It’s estimated to earn $400,000 in just one month. And it was using wordpress. I mean “was” because it’s now built on a custom platform (The old design is here if in case you miss it). But this doesn’t change the fact that you can still create a similar site with the same design, on wordpress.

viralnova design

ViralNova has adopted a new design

Why it got so popular and profitable? Because its owner gets things right. If you want to know more how it’s banking, read this article.


Then follow me on the process of creating your own viralnova site.

How to get started

  • A good domain: I know “good” is not good enough to explain what kind of domains you should choose. There are actually some criteria: short, pronounceable and easy to remember. You are not just selecting a domain name, you are choosing your brand. Cost: around 10 US$.
  • A reliable host: At the beginning, you can choose a shared hosting plan. I recommend Hostgator because it never let me down. This blog is also hosted on hostgator. Once your site starts getting large traffic, you can move your website to a better server. Cost: starting from $3.96/month (3 years) or $7.16/month (monthly)
  • A website platform: Yes, it’s wordpress! Cost: 0
  • A ViralNova theme: you can download it free from clonetemplates, or you can hire a developer for custom coding. Cost: 0

Overall, you can start your own viralnova site with a starting budget of  only $17.16.

This is just a roughly cost estimation by the way.  All wordpress sites must come with certain plugins and themes, if you are totally new to wordpress, it’s better to choose a service to help you configure your site. clonetemplates provide such service.

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